2015 holiday card

To those who didn't believe me when I said that I force myself to do annual un-Christmassy Christmas cards every year because I don't draw enough... this is my first post in almost a year, haha!


Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Star vs. the Forces of Evil premiered on TV last night, so I made a little GIF to celebrate!


Little Queen of the Andes

I'm in Light Grey Art Lab's latest gallery show: Animystics!

Animystics is a celebration and homage of our furry friends, companions, and spirit animals. From ancient history to mythology, real life pets to legendary creatures, the exhibition recognizes the importance of these animals throughout our lives.

For this show, I decided to go with a piece about the vicuña, a sacred animal to the Inca people. The vicuña is a magical animal with a fascinating history. The ancient Inca believed that protecting this animal would bring warmth and fertility to their land. The vicuña and its wool were held in such high esteem that only Inca royalty were allowed to wear garments made of vicuña fibres. Did you know? By returning to traditional herding (the vicuña was, and remains, a wild animal) and shearing methods, it has come back from the brink of extinction in present day Peru.

Also, my upbringing on Les Mystérieuses Cités d'or was totally an inspiration for this piece.

I used textured paper for the show's limited edition, signed prints. I'm really happy with the final printed look, the paper makes a world of a difference!

Prints are available through Light Grey Art Lab's online store (here), and a portion of proceeds from this piece will go towards a Feline Rescue based in Minneapolis.