wave boat sack!

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  1. Hey Mel! I feel constructive today, and yours was the first blog I came upon. <_< lucky you?

    Sweet starting animation. Gotta love that flour sack. Sweet stretch and squash stuff. The hang time, though, could be pushed. More specifically the time between the sack and the boat. I can see it happening, and it IS there, but it can be pushed. they look a little too synchronized.

    Take a page from the Road Runner/Coyote takes, when the Coyote's always falling off a cliff and leaving some serious hang time between his pelvis/legs, torso, and head. Not the best example, as it's comically exaggerated, but the idea is to let the audience register the hang time before the fall happens.

    Also, waves are not panning hills. I can't really give you too much flak about that one, since I know it takes most people at least 3 different tries before it looks right. It did for me anyway, and I'm certain I had a lot more time than you busy Sheridinians. Then again, I never textured my waves either. So...take that, me.

    So yeah, come the future, focus on your timing and registration. And good luck with the whole animanation thing!