drawing italy...

Saint I-don't-remember-who (oops!)

Wax sculpture of arm muscles at La Specola

More wax muscles

Drawing sculpture hands at the Bargello


  1. Was it Saint Peter? The statue with the eroded left foot in Vatican City? WERE YOU DRAWING IN SAINT PETER'S BASILICA?!

    GOD I HATE YOU YOU LUCKY BIIIieahhhhh hey! Great drawings there! Ha ha yes!

    But seriously, these are really amazing. I couldn't be more envious right now.

  2. Nope, wasn't in St-Peter's, it was in Florence, on an old church... or, it used to be a church, then was turned into a grain storage thing, and I think it might be a museum or something now. I don't even remember what it's called, but I could walk you to the building in a snap if we were in the city.