One of Adam's many nicknames for Luce, along with The Flash, Spiderman... (If you know me, you know I know next to nothing about american superhero comic stuff. No, I was all about Astérix, Boule et Bill, and the Tom Tom et Nana comics at the end of J'aime lire as a kid.)

So Batman.
Because of her big bat ears.
And because she has these little flaps of skin where her legs meet her body. So really, it has nothing to do with Batman the superhero.

...I think.

PS, these were all done, from scratch, on a Cintiq. Which I normally hate working on, but I forced myself to do it. Ugh. I'm still not converting to 100% digital for my own stuff anytime soon!

PS numéro deux, expect more of Luce, I haven't quite found the right way to draw her yet, but I'm having fun searching!

PS trois, she also bats at stuff. Badum pshhhhh.


  1. BWAAH! J'aime lire, that takes me back...

    Nice drawings.

  2. She's ccuuuutttee! And so are these drawings!

    Your blog is lookin' neat these days, too! :D

  3. Ah, you guys..!

    Eric, you know, they actually still make them!!