corus winter art show 2011

It's art show time at work again! These are the two pieces I submitted. The one on the left is an ink drawing (or is it a painting? It only has one colour though...) I called La dame du froid, and the one on the right is a preview of one of my Art for Water pieces. So no clearer image of that for you... yet. Wait a bit, kay?

Scan of La dame du froid. I sketched a doodle of her on Photoshop after looking at Inuit prints online, out of the blue, feeling like I needed some bold inspiration. But I wanted to keep it within my style... if that makes any sense...

Her name comes from a Moomin character, who comes out in the winter time, and she needs a horse made of snow to be made for her, for some reason. I think she can freeze people? I just remember finding her creepy as hell as a kid, and I kinda liked that! She wasn't as terrifying as le Groke though...

(Here's a link to the episode I just found. I'm totally re-watching it as soon as I'm done with this post!)

The thrill of finding stuff creepy when you're a kid... Being able to get really creeped out by the stupidest stuff? I don't know about you guys, but I miss that.


  1. I like La dame du Froid - encore, encore!

    On finding creepy stuff as a kid, I used to have a Reader's Digest book of ancient mysteries and practices - mummies, Peat Man, Vlad the Impaler and so on, but there was this one set of pages about head-shrinkers and they had a picture (shudder!). For a while I tried my best not to land on that section, but that happened too often so eventually I taped the two pages together.

    Still, there's a certain thrill involved that forms such a large component of childhood.

  2. Awh thanks Carla!!

    And YES! I totally relate to finding books creepy!! I my case, it was the oceanic art section in our Larousse dictionary (I know, wtf, right?) I think it was the creepy eyes and faces the masks had? I'm a pussy, your things were legit scary!!

    Let's scare the crap outta kids! :)