The Art for Water site is up and running! One of my contributions, Thalassa, is currently up there, along with lots of other pretty pictures. Check it out!

You say water and I think a lot of people think "mermaid", so I didn't even try to be very original on that end. Screw making a skimpy mermaid though. I have this thing with "sexy lady drawings". They kind of bug me. A lot. I personally find the animation field terribly male centric. A lot more needs to be done in terms of positive, smart, relatable material for girls. And I could go on and on about this subject, because I tend to be an angry a passionate feminist.

Anyway, I made a mermaid! And yes, she's naked, and there are boobies on her front side, but hopefully that's not the point. She's just a happy mermaid with her fish pal!

So yeah.

More strong female characters please!

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