mark your calendars!

It's getting to that time of the year again...

...time to MANiMATE!! Like a man!

The amazing Ashlyn Anstee is once again organizing a 24 hour film festival through the magical thing that is the internet. Not gonna lie, filmmaking kinda scares me. So filmmaking in 24 hours can be kind of a nightmare if I think too much about it. So I don't. You just let it go, and just do whatever, and have fun, and who cares what comes out! Take the opportunity to make something. Take the opportunity to do crap you never get to do at your 9-5 job. Take the opportunity to re-think your definition of film. Take the opportunity to use different mediums. And it'll all be better than okay.


Theme unveiling: Friday, August 10th, 10:00PM
Official start time (PDT): Saturday, August 11th, 10:00AM
Official end time (PDT): Sunday, August 12th, 10:00PM
Medium: Any kind of animation, live action, combination of both, or not. Basically a free for all.

Just like many things in your life, you can do it with friends, or by yourself!

Also! Prizes this year! Amazon gift cards for many categories! See? This might not be a complete waste of your time after all.

Do you Facebook? Event page here.

And I'll totally be using #MANiMATE all over Twitters.

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