I'm in Light Grey Art Lab's latest gallery show, Station Zero!

The concept for this show was pretty awesome: you get a random vintage sci-fi book in the mail, you read it (optional), and you re-design the cover but keep the original typography.

My book was The Palace of Eternity, by Bob Shaw... and apparently cost a whooping 75¢ back in the day! The story is pretty crazy, but goes something like this:

Dude likes chick.
Dude sleeps with chick.
Chick marries Other Guy.
Other Guy kills Dude.
Oh but wait, Chick got preggers with Dude - DRAMABOMB! 
Dude is now dead/colourful sentient spacedust.
Dude gets "reincarnated" into Chick's baby.
Chick get fat and depressed and dies.
Other Guy is just angry all the time.

And there's also a weird psychic healer girl who touches Dude/Baby Dude's peener to fix it a bunch of times? And, *SPOILER ALERT*, everyone's naked for like, the last 30 pages.

There's also aliens, and they eventually find out why they were psycho after the humans... but whatever.

The book was written in the late 60s, so the way the author tends to write about women is, well, um... interesting?

I could care less about sci-fi in general, but playing with book covers is super fun!

Here's the original book I got in the mail, for funsies:

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