scaredy squirrel halloween PSA

Over the summer, I animated this short book trailer for Mélanie Watt's latest Scaredy Squirrel book Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween: A Safety Guide for Scaredies!

Having animated on the TV version of Scaredy for a while in the past, it was a lot of fun to switch things up and animate the (cuter - shhh!) book version of the character. Even more refreshing was switching to a more traditional style. Roughs and timing charts were figured out in Flash, then the whole thing was cleaned up in Photoshop, before moving on to AE for compositing.

The last "film" I made was in 4th year and took me the year to complete, so getting this baby done in under three months (on top my my regular 9 to 5 6 to 2 job) was a heck of a step up!

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