Read something about it being Witch Week out there in Tumblr land, and before I knew it I was painting this little young Karaba doodle. Karaba is the antagonist in the great 1998 animated film Kirikou et la Sorcière, directed by Michel Ocelot.

(Fun facts! Apparently Universal Pictures tried to get them to make an alternate version of the film for US release where everyone would be wearing bras and/or undies. Because, you know, North America's full of prudes. The film still has never been presented to the Motion Picture Association of America because its chances of getting a kid-friendly rating from it are pretty slim. However, in Japan, Isao Takahata loved the film and it got a general release through studio Ghibli.)

Anyway, turns out that you were supposed to draw yourself as a witch for Witch Week... but whatever! I had way more fun with this.

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