corus quay marketplace 2012

We had a special marketplace event at work today where artisans could sells goodies! The good people of Kids Can Press were also part of the party, and there was a bake sale, gift wrapping, and we sold cards on behalf of a handful of Nelvana artists. Can you recognize anyone's work?

On the photo above, you can catch sneak peeks of work by Sunita BalsaraBen Hu, myself, Lettie Lo, Halya Mychaskiw, Mike Shiells, Rachel Chalk, Ron Pitts, Eduardo Espinoza (where's your blog, Eddy?), Jason Groh, and Kirk Jorgensen!

I also had some of my fancy pants screen printed greeting cards on sale - handmade with ♥! 


  1. Cool. Whos the one on the right side of yours?

  2. Gorgeous cards!! Your screen printed ones are beautiful!!